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Empowers emerging businesses to enable their potential for growth and success


Founded in 2021, Tagore Culture was founded to empower emerging businesses to enable their potential for growth and success.


Our solution takes the complexity out of cyber security, privacy, and compliance to make our clients more productive and focused on their core business to reach their goals.​

Tagore’s unique concept is to develop and offer security training and supporting material within security competency that is tailor made for the given roles in a business, and further enforce this through a community driven platform for industry specific knowledge sharing.

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Tagore focuses on automating security governance and compliance, as well as security awareness training.

Security Awareness Training

Offering rolebased security awareness training for Management, product development teams and developers.


Consulting and support through Security Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).


Including processes for DevSecOps and Secure Software Development (SDLC).


virtual CISO offerings through scalable solutions

Security Governance Automation
with Vanta

As a certified Managed Service Provider (MSP) with Vanta, Tagore works together with our clients to provide virtual CISO (vCISO), governance automation and support, by leveraging the Vanta platform. We support implementation projects and help our clients on their compliance journey through Vanta.

Role based security awareness training

Tagore offers role based security awareness training ensuring training requirements as part of Security frameworks and regulations are addressed. Frameworks such ISO27001 and regulatory requirements from NIS 2 and GDPR Article 25 (Data protection by design and by default) and best practice requirements from DevSecOps and SSDLC requires role based training.

All courses utilize Tagore's experience to provide hands on guidance to extend training from showing "what is it", to provide "how to address"

Tagore has partnered with to deliver key training offerings:

Management team

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Our management team consists of certified experts with decades of experience in information security, education, and helping organizations of all sizes creating a resilient security culture.
Eirik Saltkjel, Magnus Solberg & Andreas Hidalgo Hegna
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